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Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission

Wesley Mission is one of Australia’s three-largest charitable organisations, with 3,500 people and services such as aged care, homeless shelters, addiction and suicide counselling, youth services, disability and hospitals. With many sub-sites, Wesley needed a strategic approach to it's online properties to ensure its customers and stakeholders were able to access the many services Wesley provides.

Online Channel User Experience

Developing an exemplary online experience for Wesley's customers began with addressing their proliferation of sub-sites and aggregating them into a portal that would allow site users to understand the full breadth of their services. As User Experience Lead, I was involved in extensive user research, navigation, interface layout and facilitated the user testing of the site which included the new site information architecture and interface design. The new site has proved to be a vast improvement over the previous disparate array of sites with users finding information quickly and easily. REPLICA IWC PORTOFINO



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