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Sydney Motorways

The launch of the LaneCove Tunnel in 2007 represented the final stage of the Sydney orbital network of motorways. To coincide with the launch, RTA required an online application that would assist Sydney motorists in planning their trips using the motorways. Motorists needed to be educated about the tolls they would incur and how to enter and exit the motorways.

Site design and interactive map

The greatest challenge in this project was the design and build of the interactive flash map. Most of the complexity lay in the many interchanges which all had unique specifications around how motorists could enter or exit them. To plan a trip, motorists needed to understand which interchanges would allow them to enter a motorway in the direction they wanted to head. The resulting map design overcame these challenges by predicting the possible directions through trip rollover graphics and contextual direction labels. Site users had the added benefit of being able to view live traffic feeds on the various motorways and calculate the cost and kilometers involved in any trip. Traffic alerts were also delivered via the site, making it a vital companion to anyone planning a trip around Sydney.


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